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Designing design magazines: Talk & panel discussion at St. Bride

On February 16th we celebrated the publication of Impact 1.0 and Impact 2.0, with a talk and panel discussion at St. Bride.

Here are some of the insights unearthed during Adrian Shaughnessy’s chat with Teal Triggs (RCA), Richard Spencer Powell (Monocle), Solveig Suess (Concrete Flux), Jeremy Leslie (MagCulture) and Tony Brook (Spin/Unit Editions).

‘Digital is catchy, but it goes in one eye and out the other.’
Jeremy Leslie

‘I know Brexit is bad. Trump is bad. But, the Economist’s sales are up. People want to read news in longform.’
Richard Spencer Powell

‘Many magazines might be struggling. But, there are hundreds of stimulating, niche magazines - about things you’ve never known you were interested in.’
Tony Brook

‘Aesthetic journalism is visual culture as an investigative means.’
Solveig Suess

‘What is a magazine for? It’s about community. People looking for different things - the scene around it. Looking to connect with like-minded people.’
Teal Triggs

‘Through a well-designed magazine cover you can often sense the decade – you can sense the flavour of the time’
Adrian Shaughnessy

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