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SPIN/Adventures in Typography (Issue 001)

‘Experimenting with letterforms is a natural part of making, often born out of enthusiasm rather than commercial or practical imperatives’
Tony Brook

SPIN/Adventures in Typography looks at the typographic flotsam and jetsam of Spin’s creative process. It’s a repository for trains of thought, itches that needed to be scratched, as well as fresh new ideas. It continues the conversation started with the studio’s 2015 monograph SPIN 360° [Unit 19].

SPIN/Adventures in Typography is a visual record of Spin's creative interests and outputs – combustive explorations not afraid to plunge into the abstract, teetering on the edge of legibility. A journal boisterous with typographic riffs, remixes, and rearrangements – SPIN/Adventures in Typography is an invitation to engage in conversation, an ellipses rather than a full stop. 

‘The reason we chose the journal format is because it encourages us to keep pushing–to keep trying new things.’
Tony Brook

SPIN/Adventures in Typography [Unit 31]
Soft back, 52pp, screen printed envelope, £18
Edition of 1000
Size: 258mm x 203mm
Cover: Cut short foiled book cloth
Paper stock: 100gsm Fedrigoni Free Life Cento.
One colour throughout
Binding: Staple bound
Special features: Three covers, black, white, silver. One colour Silkscreened plastic sleeve.

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