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Eating With The Eyes

Eating With The Eyes


Title: Eating With The Eyes (standard edition) [Unit 23]
Author: Harry Pearce
Design: Pentagram

Limited Edition of 2000


This is a most beautiful book. It contains a very slow beauty, a beauty that took a long while to ripen, one that comes to this world gently. Harry Pearce’s hungry eyes present a satisfying, languorous meal. Stefan Sagmeister

It has page after page of hidden treasures, showing us new ways to look at what we walk through every day. Like a magician pulling rabbits out of empty hats, Harry’s art is to pull something out of nothing. Peter Gabriel

The results are mesmerising, Pearce manages to create accidental art from surprising forms like dirt, splashed paint and eroded forms. Sometimes dark and mysterious, Pearce gives these abandoned objects extraordinary attention and a story of their own. Wallpaper*


Eating With The Eyes [Unit 23] is a visual mediation and a photographic recording of accidental events spanning over a decade and collected from Harry Pearce’s journeys around the world. Harry Pearce is a Pentagram partner, eternal optimist, human rights activist, dream diary keeper, graphic designer, accidentalist and photographer.

Harry’s photographs are the culmination of a lifetime of practice that began during his childhood in the West Country, when his father gifted him with a Pentax camera. From this point onwards, Harry began meticulously documenting quirks, human interventions and coincidences. From these images he began to piece together a sometimes tragic, sometimes funny and always poignant continuity and rhythm in the world that surrounds us.

Pearce says, “I get lost in the process of recording seemingly accidental events. As time has passed, I’ve come to realise that there are no true accidents, only ideas trying to find us. We are surrounded by a constant stream of ideas, insights and visions. Every moment in every place. Abstract and accidental as they may seem, they are to my eyes precise, illuminating and elevating.”

The book – which features an introduction from Charles Saumarez Smith, the CEO of the Royal Academy of Art, is an insight into Pearce’s mind and shows a fundamental part of his process as a graphic designer.

Over the past three decades Pearce has worked with some of the worlds best-known brands and artists, to devise identities, installations, posters, packaging, and books. These include: the Royal Academy of Arts, John Lewis, Phaidon Press, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lloyds of London, Ai Weiwei, Anish Kapoor and the UN.


Wood Pencil/Book Design/Specialist & Limited Edition Books
D&AD 2016 Awards

Shortlisted: Editorial Design category
Design Week Awards 2016


Size: 170mm×230mm
Pages: 282
Colour: Four colour litho print
Binding: Ota-bound
Special Features: Foiled dust jacket, French-folded pages
ISBN 978-0-9932316-3-6


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