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Ken Garland book — free to download

A reminder that our 2012 monograph, Ken Garland: Structure and Substance, is still available to download for free as a PDF. Earlier this month, Ken was presented with the London Design Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Medal earlier — and we wanted to celebrate his award. Congratulations to Ken!

You can download the book from our WeTransfer page (9.6mb).

Long sold-out, the book covers everything from Ken’s student exercises at the Central School of Arts and early work on Design magazine, to the many client projects completed with Ken Garland & Associates from 1962 onwards (such as Galt Toys and CND), and his self-published books of photography.

Adrian Shaughnessy’s extensive biographical text situates Ken’s work within the development of graphic design in mid 20th-century Britain, while Spin’s sympathetic book design spotlights KGA’s work for Galt Toys, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Keniston Housing Association, among others.

As a prolific writer and educator, Ken also produced five books on design and, as Garland fans will know, published many influential articles including the First Things First manifesto in 1964.

“I am delighted to be chosen as the recipient of one of the London Design Medals,” says Ken of his award. “At my age (91) I had thought I was a forgotten person — but no, someone still remembers me! As to achievement: all my associates and I did for 50-odd years was to have a lot of fun at other people’s expense. We were so lucky!”