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Universal Everything’s Lifeforms show opens

Universal Everything’s largest exhibition to date is now open at 180 Studios in London and features 14 of its hyperreal, digital lifeforms – a parade of “future humans, micro-organisms and plants”.

Many of the characters feature in the studio’s extensive monograph, What is Universal Everything? which we published in 2019 (you can read Communication Arts’ review of the book here).

Various installations at 180 Studios – including the premiere of three new works, Primordial, Maison Autonome and Into the Sun – mirror and change with the public’s interactions, meaning that no visitor will see the same show twice.

UE say that the artworks draw from the history of visual culture and various depictions of the human body in motion, as seen in the work of the Futurists and Eadweard Muybridge’s visionary film experiments.

“We created many of the lifeforms in this exhibition with generative software,” UE explain. “We design the computational systems that grow characters, plants or abstract lifeforms – yet personalities emerge by themselves.”

Lifeforms is at 180 The Strand, London, until 18 December 2022. Open Wednesday–Sunday, 11am–7pm. To book tickets, visit Photography: Jack Hems.

You can order the book, What is Universal Everything? from the Unit shop here.