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At the Herb Lubalin Study Center in New York

Unit Editions’ designer Rachel Dalton recently returned from a week in New York, shooting material for future publications. Thanks to the generosity of Sasha Tochilovsky, curator of the Herb Lubalin Study Center, Rachel had access to some of the wonderful, historically significant non-Lubalin material held by the institution. 

As well as the single largest collection of Herb Lubalin material, the Center also holds a fabulous collection of 20th century graphic design artefacts. While she was there, Rachel shot a few gigabytes of material.

We’re not quite ready yet to announce the next batch of Unit Editions titles. There is always a period of time spent securing reproduction rights and permissions. As soon as this is complete we’ll share the news, so make sure you’re signed up to the Unit Editions newsletter to receive details of them.

Until then, here’s a selection of some of the material Rachel shot. We look forward to your thoughts and comments.