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Pushing the Envelope with April's Book of the Month, Graphic Stamps

‘Design is what drew me towards stamps’ says Iain Follet. It’s this sentiment that drew us to his, and fellow philatelist, Blair Thomson’s impeccable collection of the miniature beauties for the launch of our Archive Series. 

Here's what Smith Journal had to say:

‘The stamps in the book aren’t fusty. They’re modernist clarion calls that celebrate the many achievements of the 20th century: Olympics, expos, television, railways, air travel, skyscrapers, nuclear energy, the space race, higher education, the United Nations. They come from an era when nothing was thought too good for us, when public art was shoehorned into social housing estates, office blocks and schools, when culture was
democratised en masse’

‘Most collectors cherish the older stamps, the rarities, the misprints. We like the mid-century stuff, the modernist stamps, the graphic stamps’
Iain Follet

‘It’s an ever-growing beast and increases in scale constantly, but will be in the many thousands. Personally, I’m less concerned with how many I own and more that I strive to own the best collection of graphic stamps ever produced’
Blair Thomson

Throughout April Graphic Stamps is available at the special price of £31.50! 
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