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Open Call: SPIN/Adventures in Typography Tumblr

Everyone has a file somewhere of the stuff that didn’t make the final cut. We’ve set up a Tumblr to continue the conversation started with SPIN/Adventures in Typography; a space dedicated to the material that usually remains unseen, and experimental type that hasn’t found a home yet.

If you feel like sharing your specimens, send them to, we’ll curate and post them on the SPIN/Adventures in Typography Tumblr, and tell everyone about them on various digital soapboxes. 

You can send as many specimens as you like. We need the following details:

  • Project name 
  • Project date 
  • Designer(s)
  • Studio
  • Brief project description (50 words max)

We look forward to seeing your creative experiments, riffs, and remixes! 

SPIN/Adventures in Typography [Unit 31]