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TD 63-73...
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Adrian Shaughnessy 

TD 63-73 is a special book. For a start, there has never been a book solely devoted to Total Design’s golden period – 1963-73. But what really makes this publication special is the fact that it is written by Ben Bos, one of the key members of the Total Design team – and someone who was there from the start.

In a series of long essays, Bos gives an intimate, ringside view of the growth of one of the most influential and era-defining design groups. Not only were TD pioneers of cross-discipline working, large-scale identity programmes, and the use of Modernist principles in communication, but they also provided a blueprint for countless design groups that followed in their footsteps.

The Unit Editions editorial and design team worked closely with Ben and his wife Elly to bring the book to fruition. It took many long meetings in Amsterdam and London pouring over the TD archives and arguing about the date and provenance of photographs. Here are some pictures showing the editorial and design process.

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08.03.11 at 14:32

All stories, pictures and impressions alike, I know we (younger generation) will never ever experience the real atmosphere and tension of that era. Some TD'ers and some strategic partners as Omnimark of that period (maybe SHV celebrities) are still alive and able to tell their stories, but I know Ben is capable of expressing what made that time so special in subtle chosen words. Combined with carefully selected images and designs I truly hope it will also give input to new generation of designers and all other readers. Congratulations. HB

Jane Birkin
05.03.11 at 4:55

Aren't slides lovely?

05.03.11 at 2:59

-I really cannot tell you all how excited I am for this book. I need to order another just so I have one to pass along to someone else.
-As long as I am alive I will preach the Unit Ed. word.

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