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2015 January sale type bundle

Type Only and Type Plus for only £60

2015 January sale Type Only

“A dazzling, diverse history of images 
made with words.” The Atlantic

2015 January sale Jurriaan Schrofer

“This book reveals a veritable treasure trove of graphic wonder.” A Sound Awareness

2015 January sale Scratching the Surface

“Colourful, eloquent and (occasionally) controversial.” Design Week

2015 January sale Kwadraat-Bladen

2015 January sale Projekt

“A total gem.” It’s Nice That

2015 January sale posters

Manuals 2

"Another fantastic collection." Brand New

Type Plus

“Anybody who doesn’t like this book is blind.” Paula Scher

Supernew Supergraphics

“A beautiful object as well as an excellent introduction
to this innovative field.” Grafik

Ken Garland

“A worthy addition to any designer’s collection.” FormFiftyFive

Essays: Scratching the Surface poster

Herb Lubalin Compact Edition

“Absolutely irresistible.” Paula Scher

FHK Henrion

“A dazzling and
archive-worthy monograph.”

Jurriaan Schrofer poster

Spin 2

England's Burning (U:D/R 04)

Studio Culture

Wim Crouwel - Digital Catalogue

Manuals 1


Herb Lubalin

TD 63-73

Wim Crouwel - Cover No.3


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Unit Gallery Inaugural Exhibition


An Introduction to Essays: Scratching the Surface


Communication is not the same as legibility


FHK Henrion and the Second World War


Herb Lubalin: Typeface Designer