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Eating With The Eyes

Free signed poster
"This is a most beautiful book - Harry Pearce's hungry eyes present
a satisfying, langurous meal." Stefan Sagmeister

Herb Lubalin: Typographer

"A great introduction in print to Herb’s work" FormFiftyFive

Graphic Stamps

The miniature beauty of postage stamps

"Gorgeous 328pp celebration of stamps..." Rob Alderson/We Transfer


Supernew Supergraphics

“A beautiful object and excellent introduction
to this innovative field.” Grafik
Now £35.00

TD 63-73

Total Design and its pioneering role in graphic design
(Expanded Edition)

Lance Wyman

"Without doubt the most stunning book of the year,
proper graphic design porn." Will Hudson

Spin: 360°

"An inspiring visual feast that shines a light
on visual communication of the 21st century"
People of Print 


Eating With The Eyes (Collector's edition)

Comes in box with limited edition signed print, set of postcards
and litho poster

Type Plus

“Anybody who doesn’t like this book is blind.” Paula Scher

FHK Henrion

“A dazzling and
archive-worthy monograph.”

Essays: Scratching the Surface

“Colourful, eloquent and (occasionally) controversial.” Design Week
Now £12.00 (was £20.00) 

Essays: Scratching the Surface poster

Jurriaan Schrofer

“This book reveals a veritable treasure trove of graphic wonder.” A Sound Awareness
Now £15.00 (was £25.00) 

Jurriaan Schrofer poster


“A total gem.”
It’s Nice That
Now £10.00

Manuals 1 on Kickstarter

England's Burning (U:D/R 04)

"An incisive story narrated without the use of words." Perimeter Books


Manuals 2

"Another fantastic collection." Brand New

Sold out

Total Design Pin Badge Set

Limited Edition of 50 - £18.00

Sold out

Studio Culture

Sold out

Wim Crouwel - Digital Catalogue

Sold out

Wim Crouwel - Cover No.3

Sold out

Ken Garland

“A worthy addition to any designer’s collection.” FormFiftyFive

Sold out

Type Only

“A dazzling, diverse history of images
made with words.” The Atlantic

Sold out


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Lance Wyman in the UK


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TD 63-73
Expanded Edition


Behind the Scenes:
TD 63-73 Expanded Edition 


Lance Wyman in the Press