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Steven Heller 

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Here are some of the things writer and art director Steven Heller is doing, looking at, listening to, and reading.

What art and design are you looking at? 

I have stacks of new books on my desk, so I'm always looking at them. At the moment I am watching a documentary film by Richard Kegler called Making Faces: Metal Type in the 21st Century. But for enjoyment I look to Netflix for films I could never get otherwise. Given my proclivities, many of these films are about the holocaust. But I promised my wife I would not speak about them in public. 

Any design books snagged your attention of late? 

Other than my own? I love Nader Vossoughian’s Otto Neurath The Language of the Global Polis. It is a somewhat thin volume with limited ambitions from a book making perspective. But it is full of great information and visual examples of this pioneer's work. 

Which design blogs or journals are impressing you?

I just wrote a column about 50 WATTS and I'm quite impressed with The Movie Title Stills Collection

You often mention cinema in your columns and articles - any movies (old or new) caught the Heller eye recently?

RWENCOL - crazy. 

Been to any good exhibitions in the past year?

The Kitchen show at MoMA was pretty good. And I visited a wonderful exhibition on Houdini at the Jewish Museum in NYC. 

Any other cultural activities exciting you? 

Writing about cultural activities. I'm usually reluctant to go out of my way to soak up culture. But when I do, I'm always pleased. It feels as satisfying as separating paper from plastic for the garbage pick-up.

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