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Eating With The Eyes
Collector’s Edition

Eating With The Eyes
Collector’s Edition


Title: Eating With The Eyes
Collector’s Edition [Unit 23]
Author: Harry Pearce
Design: Pentagram

Edition of 150
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This is a most beautiful book. It contains a very slow beauty, a beauty that took a long while to ripen, one that comes to this world gently. Harry Pearce’s hungry eyes present a satisfying, langurous meal. Stefan Sagmeister 

The book

Eating With The Eyes is a visual mediation and a photographic recording of accidental events spanning over a decade and collected from Harry Pearce’s journeys around the world. Pearce is a Pentragram partner, eternal optimist, human rights activist, dream diary keeper, graphic designer, accidentalist and photographer.

Harry’s photographs are the culmination of a lifetime of practice that began during his childhood in the West Country, when his father gifted him with a Pentax camera. From this point onwards, Harry began meticulously documenting quirks, human interventions and coincidences. From these images he began to piece together a sometimes tragic, sometimes funny and always poignant continuity and rhythm in the world that surrounds us.

The book – which features an introduction from Charles Saumarez Smith, the CEO of the Royal Academy of Art, is an insight into Pearce’s mind and shows a fundamental part of his process as a graphic designer.

Over the past three decades Pearce has worked with some of the worlds best-known brands and artists, to devise identities, installations, posters, packaging, and books. These include: the Royal Academy of Arts, John Lewis, Phaidon Press, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lloyds of London, Ai Weiwei, Anish Kapoor and the UN.


Size: 170mm×230mm
Pages: 276
Colour: Four colour litho print
Binding: Ota-bound  
Special Features: Foiled dust jacket
, French-folded pages, Outer box
, Limited edition signed print
, Set of postcards, Folded litho poster

ISBN 978-0-9932316-3-6

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