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Our podcast series features discussions with designers, authors and commentators connected to Unit Editions.

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UNIT #001 — Matt Pyke / Universal Everything

Adrian Shaughnessy in conversation with Matt Pyke, founder and creative director of Universal Everything, the leading digital art and design collective. From the gestation of the UE studio and its unusual structure, to balancing client projects with speculative research work, Matt also discusses his recent projects and the social significance of immersive, multi-sensory work beyond the gallery. Also – why make a book?

UNIT #002 — Letraset

Liv Siddall and Adrian Shaughnessy discuss all things Letraset. From the company’s founding and rise to prominence in the mid-1970s, to what the lettering system enabled designers (and non-designers) to do, Adrian charts the success of the much-loved design tool and the making of the first authoritative study of the product’s history.