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Studio Culture
The Secret Life of the Graphic Design Studio

Unit 01

Studio Culture: The Secret Life of the Graphic Design Studio provides a unique glimpse into the inner workings of 28 leading graphic design studios. In a series of penetrating interviews, the mechanics of building and maintaining a vibrant studio culture are laid bare with disarming frankness.

Studio Culture is a book for both seasoned professionals who have been running studios for years, and for idealistic designers contemplating starting up. It is the complete guide to creating, maintaining and growing a studio culture.

Some of the studios interviewed in Studio Culture are:
A Practice for Everyday Life (UK)
Bibliothèque (UK)
Build (UK)
Doyle Partners (US)
Edenspiekermann (DE/NL)
Experimental Jetset (NL)
Marian Bantjes (CA)
Milton Glaser, Inc. (US)
Non-Format (UK/US)
Pentagram (US)
Research Studios (UK)
ShaughnessyWorks (UK)
Spin (UK)
Universal Everything (UK)

316 pages
ISBN 978-0-9562071-0-4
Published: October 2009

Editors: Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy
Design: Spin


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