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Ken Garland 
Structure and Substance

Unit 09

Ken Garland: Structure and Substance is the first comprehensive monograph devoted to the entire career of legendary English designer Ken Garland, from student exercises in the 1950s to his self-published photography books of recent years.

The biographical essay, written by Adrian Shaughnessy and accompanied by rare personal photographs, touches on the many sides of Garland: the ethical and political designer; the writer; the teacher; the photographer. It is underpinned by interviews with his contemporaries and peers. Garland himself cooperated with all aspects of the production of this book.

Now in his eighties, Garland is still as relevant to the design community today as he was when he published his famous 'First Things First' manifesto in 1964. He has a strong following amongst young designers and frequently lectures to large audiences, captivating them with his highly personal approach. A recent example of this is his talk at TYPO London on 20 October 2012, you can watch the video here.

328 pages
ISBN 978-0-9562071-9-7
Published: December 2012

Author: Adrian Shaughnessy 
Editors: Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy 
Design: Spin


'My introduction to Garland was as an agent provocateur, the author in 1964 of the first 'First Things First' Manifesto, which attempted to radicalize designers who were lazily serving the more dubious needs of consumerist culture. It gave rise to the 2000 version (which I signed). I knew Garland for his anti-nuke and anti-war work, and as the quintessential troublemaker, a role I admired, rather than as a world class midcentury modern designer, which he was.'
Steven Heller, The Daily Heller


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