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Unit Editions:
a new direction

The Editors

Welcome to the new Unit Editions website.

This new website marks a change of direction for Unit Editions. We are still committed to producing high quality books on graphic design and visual culture. But in recognition of the changing conditions within bookselling – Amazon discounts that are great for book buyers but fatal for small publishers; the demise of the traditional bookshop; the rise of e-publishing – we are working towards building a new publishing model for the internet age.

This means two main changes:

– our books, posters and papers will no longer be available through conventional bookshops (physical or online). They will only be available from this website

– we are investigating and experimenting with electronic publishing formats

It is our belief that although the seismic changes in publishing represent dangers, they also throw up opportunities. Five years ago, Unit Editions would not have been possible without substantial investment. Yet now, thanks to the networking channels that exist online, it is possible for a small publishing “unit” to launch, survive and even, in a small way, thrive.

The support we’ve had from designers, bloggers, design writers and friends has been exceptional. But this support will only carry on if we produce interesting and well-designed publications. With this in mind, we have many exciting projects lined-up for 2011 – watch this space for details.

Comments and feedback are always welcome. As someone once said: “Traffic goes both ways.”

Best wishes

The Editors


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