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Type Only Round-up
week 4 

Sarah Schrauwen 

Another week, another Type Only round-up!

The image above (poster detail) was sent in by Muuute, a Hong Kong-based creative studio formed by Nora Ng and Godwin Ng. For their Hong Kong Summer Festival poster in 2012, they developed a typeface 'using the curves of the wind music instrument'.

Student project Nouvelles Expériences de lecture numérique (detail shown here) for an exhibition at La Gaïté Lyrique in Paris. Designed by Scott Renau

Dublin-based designer Duane Dalton submitted his poster Transmission Drift (detail shown). He also curated a tumblr entitled Back to Basics.

Poster for lecture series kd-lounge (detail shown). Designer Simon Zirkunow explains on his website: 'Eberhard Schlag focused on the potential of design to communicate complex messages by translating them into three-dimensional space, as suggested by the movement of text on the poster'.

Krzysztof IwaƄski, a Polish designer, submitted his poster 'Joshua Abrams' – go to his portfolio to see it screen printed on different paper stocks.

Poster design (detail shown) for the exhibition of the bachelor degree graduates of the university FH Mainz. Designed and submitted by Hamburg-based Marcel Häusler.


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