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Herb Lubalin

The Editors 

We are pleased to announce our most ambitious Unit publication to date – a numbered, limited edition, deluxe monograph of the legendary Herb Lubalin, one of the foremost graphic designers of the 20th century. Along with Saul Bass and Paul Rand, Herb Lubalin forms a trio of American graphic design greatness.   

This meticulously researched book offers a complete career overview of Herb Lubalin, beginning with his early days as one of the original Mad Men in the New York advertising world of the 50s and 60s, and continuing into the years of his greatest achievements as one of the world's most influential typographers and graphic designers.  

‘It's about time that Herb Lubalin, the American phototype pioneer, had a new monograph. It promises to be a worthy testament to the extraordinary professional life of the founder of U&lc, designer of Avant Garde, Eros, Fact, and Lubalin Graph, and the father of smashed and illustrative typography.’ Steven Heller

‘Herbie - I fucking loved that guy.’ George Lois

‘Graphic Expressionism is my euphemism for the use of typography, or letterforms, not just as a mechanical means for setting words on a page, but rather as another creative way of expressing an idea, telling a story, amplifying the meaning of a word or phrase, to elicit an emotional response from the viewer.’ Herb Lubalin

‘Ever since Gutenberg invented movable type, with its built-in drawbacks caused by the metal shoulders surrounding letterforms, people have been reading illegible type. Now, for the first time, type could be set the right way, the way people speak – in a steady flow, without interruptions between letters, words, sentences and paragraphs.’ Herb Lubalin

‘My success in this business is hardly based on my talents alone. All those great people who work for me deserve an incredible and immeasurable amount of credit for their contribution to my success.’ Herb Lubalin

‘If you knew Lubalin, you’d know that he never talked - he was the quietest guy around, exept with girls.’ Lou Dorfsman

‘Unit Editions' forthcoming monograph on Herb Lubalin already seems poised to be the design publishing event of the summer.’Print magazine

‘It’s his sheer simplicity, mixed with playfulnesss, that’s always underpinned by a concise and brilliant idea.’ Rick Banks

‘Lubalin is a designer and letterer supreme! Ultimate master of curves. Creator of the tightest letter spacing ever done by hand. Scripts that make you green with envy. Inventor of never seen before ligatures. Swashes galore, and numerals so well designed that one has to sit down. Herb’s work is a lesson in originality and craft on the highest level. If you want to learn the art of type and lettering - look here first.’ Henrik Kubel

Herb Lubalin's work is enjoying an unprecedented revival of interest amongst young graphic designers. The Lubalin cult is global, with strong pockets of interest in Korea, Japan and, of course, the USA and UK.  

Pre-order this limited edition, numbered and boxed monograph now for the reduced price of £55 (includes free postage), only available on our website!


Herb Lubalin
American Graphic Designer
Unit 07

Author: Adrian Shaughnessy
Editors: Tony Brook, Adrian Shaughnessy and Alexander Tochilovsky
Design: Spin

Pages: 448
Size: 217x280mm 
Format: Hardback 
Cover: 3/4 paper wrap with foiled typography


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