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A slight change
of direction 

The Editors 

We regularly receive requests from booksellers to stock our books, and also from members of the public asking why Unit Editions’ books and papers are not available in their favourite bookshops.

Last year we took the decision to make our books and papers available only from this website.

This policy has been successful. Every day we receive orders from all over the world.

But we have also noticed that books are somehow diminished when they are not seen in bookshops.

Against this backdrop, we have decided to make Unit Editions publications available to a restricted group of specialist bookshops.

Our books will not be available through the wholesale book trade, but they can be ordered by retailers direct from Unit Editions. A trade discount of 40% is offered under the following conditions:

- Minimum order 12 copies of any publication
- Payment made before dispatch
- Overseas couriers costs to be paid

For trade discount code, and to find out more about our terms and conditions, please contact:


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